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Some of the subjects that will be covered are healthcare reform, cancer, vascular disease, immunologic diseases, neurologic and aging problems, gastro-intestinal diseases, infections, health supplements, herbals, vitamins, prescription medications and many others.




 Special Report on Solar Eclipse Safety


Medical News Report 72 (January 2018)

1. Late Breaking News—A new injectible treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction

2.  Dry Mouth Syndrome and dental disease—coping and treatment

3. Hereditary Syndromes that can cause cancer—genetic testing

4. New guidelines for estrogen therapy for menopausal women

5. People with silent atrial fibrillation are at significant risk of stroke

6. Social Anxiety Disorder—so common!

7. Ear Wax impaction-a common problem

8. Interstitial Cystitis-A painful bladder disease especially for women


Medical News Report 71 (December 2017)

1. Late breaking news—a)Some drug combinations are dangerous b) Does the supplement zinc shorten a cold? c) Increasing rates of colorectal cancer in younger people

2. Hoarding disorder

3. Acne Rosacea—“W.C. Fields” skin

4. Pedophilia—profile; differences in their brain anatomy

5. Hematological System Series—Part 5—Lymphatic System--Hodgkin’s Disease/non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

6. What is the spleen and what does it do?

7. Periodontal Disease and its effect on your health--vascular disease and cancer; diagnosis and treatment


Medical News Report 70 (November 2017)

1. Quick notes on late breaking medical news—medical cyberterrorism; resources for checking out different hospice centers

2. Hematological Disease Series—Part 4—Leukemia, Myelodysplastic syndromes(MDS)

3. As we age, is it ever time to consider stop taking many preventative medications or say no to treatment?

4. The most common food-borne illnesses

5. Osteoporosis update

6. Longer Waiting Times for Doctor’s Appointments

7. An update on the Opioid Crisis—a 10 step governmental plan; opioid addicts need different treatment


Medical News Report 69(October 2017)

1. Is genetic testing for you?

2. Obstructive sleep apnea review and update—does CPAP reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? New updates on options to treat!

3. Shameful prices of prescription drugs (and some generics)

4. The Hematological System—Part 3—White blood cell disease and platelet disorders

5. Peripheral Arterial Disease Series (PAD)—Lower extremity arterial disease


Medical News Report 68(September 2017)

1. Brain tumors—status of Senator John McCain

2. Penicillin Allergies---Real or not?---relationship of antibiotic resistance and resistant infections

3.Eczema---diagnosis and treatment

4.Abdominal and Pelvic Vascular disease

5.Hematological System Series-Part 2-Red blood cell disease—Anemia and Polycythemia

6. Breast issues—an update--Breast MRI recommended for high risk patients; new guidelines for mammography for average risk women

7. Flu vaccine guidelines for 2017-18 just released by the CDC


Medical News Report 67(August 2017)

1. Food allergies

2. The dangers of NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.) and cardiovascular risk for all; cardiovascular disease risks in Migraine patients

3. Drug-Gene testing--Genetic markers to predict the best medication for diseases—i.e. psychological disorders--psychogenomics

4. A look at today’s physicians—the doctor/patient relationship--A must read!

5. The Blood System Series-Part 1-The blood and the bone marrow

6. Should vision, hearing, and dental services be included in Medicare?

7. Dehydration, Heat stroke, and heat exhaustion—a summer reminder and update


Medical News Report 66(July 2017)

1. Cosmetic Genital surgery-male and female; genital mutilation—caution graphic photos; laser vaginal treatments for dryness

2. False Positive/Negative Medical Testsimplications for all patients!

3. “A Quick Note” Series--Joint replacement revisions and the need for prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental work; Chondroitin sulfate for knee arthritis

4. Heart (AV) Block-Electrical conduction heart disease

5. Kidney Cancer


Medical News Report 65(June 2017)

1. Human Abuse Series-Part 5-Nursing Home Abuse

2. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery

3. BladderCancer

4. Heart Valve Disease-Part 2-Surgical management

5. A “Quick Note” Series- Sun screens vs umbrellas to prevent sunburn; Epipen expiration date-product still ok!


Medical News Report 64(May 2017)

1. Multiple Myeloma-a blood cancer

2. Some information about Herbal Products and Dietary

Supplements; The Best Fish to Eat (and worse)

3. The Resistance to Vaccinations in the U.S.

4. All about taking medications-Drug/Drug and Herb/Drug interactions/Issues; Adherence in taking medication

5. Human Abuse Series-Part 4-Sexual Abuse/assault and harassment

6.  Yoga poses to do every day!

7. “Just a note” Series-

Coffee vs Tea and cardiovascular health; caffeine vs decaf; e-cigarettes; new guidelines for prostate cancer screening


Medical News Report 63(April 2017)

1. Stem Cell Therapy-what you need to know!

2.Medical Marijuana update

3. A new breakthrough in treating resistant psychological diseases- using psychodelics (psilocybin)- Back to the Future

4. Sugar and artificial sweeteners in the U.S.

5. Heart Valve Disease-Part 1-diagnosis

6. Human Abuse Series—Part 3—Child Abuse

7. Single payer healthcare system-Part 2-The potential advantages

8. “A quick note”-Series-Some question routine pelvic exams when having screening for cervical cancer (Pap smear, HPV)


Medical News Report 62(March 2017)

1. An update on the value of Chrondroitin sulfate/Glucosamine in arthritis patient

2.Single Payer healthcare-Part 1-Woulda single payer healthcare system work in the U.S. if “Trumpcare” falters? How socialism plays a role!

3. Human Abuse Series—Part 2—Domestic Abuse

4. Big Pharma and TV advertising

5. Benign Prostate Enlargement—BPH-diagnosis and treatment

6. Urinary System Series-Part 5-Kidney Failure, Dialysis, and Transplantation

7. CDC Update on adult immunizations released


Medical News Report 61(February 2017)

1. Human Abuse-Part 1--Bullying

2. Body Image Issues—Body Dysmorphia

3. Immunotherapy for Cancer—the latest cancer treatment

4. Palliative Care/Hospice Care/End of Life

5. New Guidelines for nutrition labels on food

6. Heart Failure-diagnosis and management


Medical News Report 60 (January 2017)

1. Cancers caused by the HPV virus

A. Update on vaccination to prevent HPV (Gardasil)

    B. HPV positive oral cavity and throat cancers

    C. HPV positive genital cancers (cervical, vaginal, vulvar, penile, and anal)

2. Botox injections-the many uses today

3. Gastrointestinal Series-Part 15- Gut bacteria and it role in health and

 disease (H.pylori, C.diff)/fecal transplant update/update on probiotics

4. Urinary System Series-Part 4-Kidney and Bladder Stones

5. Yoga vs. Physical Therapy for back pain


Medical News Report 59 (December 2016)

1. An extensive look at how President-Elect Trump and the Congress may change healthcare

2.NSAIDS-Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications

3. The Current Status of Cancer in the U.S.

4.Atrial Fibrillation (cardiac valvular and non-valvular causes)—current concepts and latest treatment option

5. Guidelines for physicians in prescribing pain medication

6. Omega 3 supplements, aspirin, and cardiovascular disease, and cancer in postmenopausal


Medical News Report 58 (November 2016)

1. Comparing Clinton and Trump’s Healthcare plans

2 ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

3. Substance Abuse Series—Part 2-Opioid/Heroin (Narcotic) Addiction Epidemic

4. The Genitourinary System-Part 2- Infections

5. The Gastrointestinal Series-Part 14-Colorectal Cancer


Medical News Report 57(October 2016)

1. The Endocrine System--the Adrenal Gland-one of the “master glands”; the cortisone producer

2. Substance Abuse Series—Part 1--Alcoholism

3. Gastrointestinal Series—Part 14-Screening for colorectal polyps and cancer; Stool testing and Colonoscopy

4. Gynecological Cancer Series-Part 1-Ovarian Cancer—September was GYN Cancer Recognition Month

5. New Drug Pricing—Shameful!


Medical News Report 56 (September 2016)

1.A new and exciting treatment for Insomnia

2. Concierge Medicine-current status

3.The Genitourinary System—Part 1--Kidney functions and testing

4. The Gastrointestinal System—Part 13-the Large Bowel-Colorectal-functions and diseases-new guidelines for the treatment of acute diarrhea

5. Update onBreast issues-Contraversial Areas-Bilateral Mastectomy for unilateral breast cancer; BRCA gene Update! Cancer screening for women with dense breasts


Medical News Report 55 (August 2016)

1. The Mental Healthcare Crisis

2. Personality Disorders-- Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Behavior Disorder

3. A look at the Insured and Uninsured in Healthcare—is there an alternative to Obamacare? The GOP’s alternative!

4. The Placebo Effect—the Mind/Body Connection

5. Menopause—all you need to know!

6. Management of High Cholesterol; Statin intolerance; Alternative therapy! Combination therapy!


Medical News Report 54 (July 2016)

1. What is a Hospitalist? An Intensivist?

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-OCD

3. Parkinson’s disease

4. Gastrointestinal Series—Part 12—Small Bowel Disease

5. The effects of Cancer Treatment—Quality of Life Survivorship--Part 2--Fatigue explained

6. The Surgical management of Sinus Disease including


Medical News Report 53 (June 2016)

1. Consequences of cancer treatment-Cancer Survivorship Series-Part 1—Chemo Brain (radiation and other treatments cause it too)

2. Vertigo—Part 1--the many causes of dizziness

3. New recommendations on the medical treatment of Acute and Chronic Sinus Infections-Part 1

4. The Gastrointestinal Series continues--#12-Gall Bladder disease

5. Healthcare Series for presidential nominees—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

6. Restless Leg Syndrome—a type of Parasomnia

7. A follow up on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-Sleep problems that complicate treatment


Medical News Report 52 (May 2016)

1. Healthcare plans from the presidential nominees (Part II) Senator Bernie Sander’s Medicare for all- Socialized Medicine—personal comments included

2. Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

3. End of Life Care—how to approach it

4. Direct to consumer genetic testing—buyer beware!

5. Autism—May is Autism Awareness Month

6. Lumbar Spinal Surgery with laminectomy and without spinal fusion? New studies give some answers—it could be a game changer!


Medical News Report 51 (April 2016)

1. Presidential Nominee’s Healthcare plans Series—Part 1--Donald J. Trump; (next month Bernie Sanders-free Medicare for all)

2. New updates on Blood Pressure readings!!

3. Update on CPR technique

4. Suicide—what are the early signs?

5. Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Obstruction causes few strokes!!—what are the facts? Also comparing surgery with stenting for carotid disease—the latest!

6. Gastrointestinal Series-Part 11-Pancreatic Cancer

7. It is Allergy Season! What is new?


Medical News Report 50 (March 2016)

1. Breaking News—HPV vaccine is demonstrating a drop in HPV infections

2.  Some thoughts on free stuff, socialism, and healthcare

3. Zika Virus—Up to date information

4. The Fallout of the new breast cancer screening guidelines

5. Gastrointestinal Series-Part 10-Liver cancer

6. It is time to quit smoking—what helps?

7. Myths about Dieting

8. Generalized Anxiety Disorder---diagnosis and treatment


Medical News Report 49 (February 2016)

1. Psychoses--Schizophrenia—diagnosis and new treatments

2. The Hippocratic Oath— “when in doubt, do no harm”; the” poly pill”; are you aware of “double booked” surgeries by some surgeons at Academic Institutions

3. New Healthcare Screening Guidelines for youth

4 STDs-Sexually Transmitted Diseases—Part 4-- (bacterial, protozoan, fungal, and parasitic causes)

5. New information about a gene mutation for Alzheimer’s disease

6. Update on guidelines--Statins for Diabetics by age!

7. Brand new Guidelines for Nutrition!


Medical News Report 48 (January 2016)

1. The Obesity Series-Part 6-Guidelines for management/Medical and Surgical

2. What are GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Are they harmful to our long term health?—the evidence is mounting!

3. The Gastrointestinal Series—Part 9-the Pancreas—acute pancreatitis

4. STDs-Sexually transmitted disease--part 3-viral causes continued—HIV-AIDS—you need to read this!!

5. Why are there so many re-excisions in breast cancer surgery?

6. Dental Series—causes of bad breath!


Medical News Report 47 (December 2015)

1.The Obesity Series-Part 5----the link to cancer

2. Gastrointestinal Series---Part 8- Upper GI Bleeding and Peptic Ulcer Disease

3. Anticoagulants---Blood Thinners

4. STDs---Part 2—viral causes—Hepatitis B and C, Molluscum Contagiosum

5. Answers to the high cost of healthcare---from the editors of the Harvard Business Review and the New England Journal of Medicine; personal comments

6. Opioid (narcotic) Addiction—what you need to know


Medical News Report 46 (November 2015)

1. The rising cost of healthcare! Can we believe Medical Research findings?

2. The Obesity Series-Part 4-obesity and organ disease-Eating Disorders-Binge and Night Eating Syndrome, Bulimia

3. STDs-Part 2-Sexually Transmitted Diseases-Viral infections/ Statistics on sex in adolescents and teens

4.Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender--the psychological and medical issues-?genetic markers predicting sexual orientation

5. Pulmonary Embolism—Diagnosis and Treatment


Medical News Report 45 (October 2015)

1.Gender Dysphoria— diagnosis, the psychology, and what it takes to transition-trans-sexual assignment surgery

2. The Obesity Series—Part 3—the Pathophysiology of the disease-Hunger Hormones (The stomach is an endocrine organ)

3. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)--Part 1

4. Alzheimer’s Disease-diagnosis and current treatment


Medical News Report 44 (September 2015)

1. Hydration-Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke

2. Female Sexual Dysfunction—new information on a

    Female “Viagra”—Abbyi-the pink pill!—it’s a start!

3. Cataracts--diagnosis and treatment

4. The Gastrointestinal Series-Part 6-Peptic Ulcer Disease

5. The Obesity Series—Part 2—the influence of the environment on Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

6. The Best Hospitals in America (U.S. News and World Report)

7. Follow up from last month on the high cost of Breakthrough Drugs


Medical News Report 43 (August 2015)

1. New concepts in the management of Obesity - Part 1 of the Series

2. The high cost of "Breakthrough Drugs"...You are going to be upset! Some personal observations!

3. Gastrointestinal Series-Part 5-The Stomach Functions and Disorders (Endocrine and Digestive Functions)

4. Can a Vitamin Treat Skin cancer - Vitamin B-3

5. Follow up on Macular Degeneration - Risk Factors!

6. Follow up on the VA Scandal

7. Do you know the health value of statins?


Medical News Report 42 (July 2015)

1. The BRCA gene mutation - value of prophylactic removal of ovaries and tubes; recent updates

2. The Veteran's Administration scandal - an update

3. Return to the endocrine system (part 4) - the pancreas - the insulin producing islet cells of Langerhan

4. The gastrointestinal tract (part 2) - esophageal cancer

5. Macular degeneration of the eye - another major cause of blindness

6. Falls caused by excessive medication - blood pressure medicine - new BP levels recommended for people over 70


Medical News Report 41 (June 2015)



Medical News Report 40 (May 2015)

1.Medical Education is in transition and will affect your HealthcareQuality in the future! Savings for medical Coming..telemedicine

2. Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

3. Lung Cancer Screening covered by Medicare

4. The Latest in Birth Control

5. Shoulder problems, Rotator Cuff, and Total Replacement Surgery—Part 2

6. Late Breaking News on reimbursement to physicians and protection for not following federal practice guidelines

7. “Cancer stricken” author of cookbook faked her cancer for fame and fortune!!


Medical News Report 39 (April 2015)

1. Medical news in brief

2. What you need to know when you are discharged from the hospital - 10 issues

3. Should replacement surgery/rotator cuff injuries (Part 1)

4. Suicide in the young (heard of choking in schools?)


Medical News Report 38 (March 2015)

1. Walgreen’s of Illinois has lawsuit upheld for invasion of privacy; NY Attorney General show massive fraud on ingredients in supplements in many chain stores!!!

2. It is time to Quit-Smoking issues-facts, cessation aids, e-cigarettes, the latest on bad side effects of marijuana and hospital admissions in Colorado (the mile high state for real)

3. Healthcare gone crazy!

4. Yoga improves cardiovascular disease and more!

5. A close look at different medical treatments for osteoarthritis of the knees-from the least beneficial to the best

6. The diagnosis and treatment of strokes-Part 1-Intrarterial removal of a clot after a stroke vs. medical therapy

7. Suicide, Depression, and PTSD

8. The Side Effects of Prostate Cancer treatment—is there a big difference between treatments? Does testosterone cause cancer?-a brand new study; final comments about groundbreaking current research that far exceeds any clinical trial in recent history.


Medical News Report 37 (February 2015)

1. New Information on Controlling Lipids

2. A Major Transformation in Mainstream Medicine (What You Need to Know)

3. PTSD Part II: Our Military and the Public; Acute Grief, Complicated Grief and Depression

4. Another Chapter on Headaches - Tension and Cluster Types


Medical News Report 36 (January 2015)

1. Doctors in training—what will they be like?

2. Osteoporosis and its treatment

3. A Series on PTSD-Not only a Soldier’s disorder—introduction--Part 1

4. Anti-depressants increase the likelihood of gastrointestinal bleeding—Solutions

5. Bowel preps for Colonoscopy

6. Prostate Cancer—Part 4—alternative options-Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting; Medical therapy for localized, advanced and metastatic disease

7. A final update on the Ebola crisis


Medical News Report 35 (December 2014)

1. Can artificial sweeteners make you gain weight?

2. Clinician’s fatigue by giving into patient’s request for unnecessary antibiotics.

3. Prostate Cancer-Part 4--Staging options for treatment.

4. Loss of the sense of smell and the risk of cardiovascular disease death.

5. Is a blood test coming to detect future cancers?

6. When is it time to switch doctors?... common complaints of patients.

7. Life Expectancy continues to climb.

8. What is the optimum systolic blood pressure to maintain?


Medical News Report 34 (November 2014)

1. Simple Rules for a Healthy Heart Diet

2. Blood Thinner Scandal—Big Pharma is at it again

3. A New Less-addictive Narcotic approved by the FDA

4. Healthcare Update-Obamacare, Medicare

5. The Endocrine System—Part 3—Parathyroid glands, Calcitonin, Vitamin D, and Calcium Metabolism for healthy bones, muscles, nerves, cell function

6. Prostate Cancer--Part 3--Diagnosis—general information and the Gleason Score for aggressiveness of cancer

7. This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine—Implications for Alzheimer’s disease

8. Some personal thoughts about Ebola


Special Report (October 2014)

CDC Information on Flu Vaccines

Medical News Report 33 (October 2014)

1. New Recommendations for Aspirin to prevent major disease
2. Alcohol Consumption-the less, the better
3. Headaches—Diagnosis and Treatment of Migraines
4. Pomegranate component found to be clinically valuable in the treatment of diseases caused by inflammation (Alzheimer’s, etc.)
5. Yoga—part 2—the physiologic value to your body, core poses
6. Prostate Cancer—the PSA and the Gleason Score
7. Many drugs interfere with thyroid med’s absorption; cost of
insulin skyrockets

Medical News Report 32 (September 2014)

1. New recommendations for hand hygiene for healthcare providers
2. Three more causes of pelvic pain—part 3—Fibroids, Ovarian abnormalities, and Urinary Tract Infections
3. Endocrine Diseases- the Thyroid Gland
4. BONUS COVERAGE-Yoga—a great tool for health
5. Prostate Disease—A series—Part 1
6. A follow up on Ebola
7. Take the challenge for ALS—neuromuscular diseases

Medical News Report 31 (August 2014)

1. "Cancer is so limited", by Robert L. Lynn
2. The Body’s Systems- The Endocrine System—The Pituitary Gland
3. Disability Insurance Scams
4. A report on the Veterans Administration’s healthcare system
5. Pelvic Pain—3 more causes in women
6. Pelvic exams—are they necessary in asymptomatic women?
7. When to do genetic testing
8. Recommendations for screening the carotid artery in asymptomatic patients
9. Chantix and Nicotine Patch combined are better for smoking cessation
10. Don’t stop taking generic medications because the color or shape changes
11. The medical crisis on our borders
12. The best hospitals in America according to the US News and World Report
13. Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa

Handbook on Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Facts & Figures (July 2014)

Medical News Report 30 (July 2014)

1. Do you trust your doctor?
2. Triglycerides—the other fats
3. Medical Marijuana—why is medicine and the government dragging their feet?
4. Pelvic Pain—the possible causes in women
5. The government’s recommendations for screening the public for Hepatitis B
6. Cosmetic surgery for men—before and after photos
7. Testosterone-FDA warning

 Medical News Report 29 (June 2014)

1. Physician compensation, etc.
2. More on the future of Medicine-part 3
3. Diabetes treatment-final part
4. Heart Failure—part 2
5. Choosing wisely: what you need to know regarding patient care from the American
Academy of Family Practice
6. HPV testing to replace the Pap Test?
7. Headaches-migraines-review and treatment- Part 2
8. Consumer report on recommended sunscreens

 Medical News Report 28  (May 2014)

1. The Future of Medicine—Part 2
2. Late breaking medical news in brief
a. Glucosamine-does it really help joint pain?
b. A new head device to help migraine headaches
c. Influenza
d. What cancer has taught me!
e. Abdominal aortic aneurysms and carotid
f. New device for high frequency hearing loss
g. Big Pharma, insurance companies, Obamacare
h. E-cigarettes—FDA regulation
i. Tamiflu does not help the flu
j. NSAIDS (arthritis/pain meds) found to have more
side effects
k. Theater popcorn---calories
3. Final summary on Breast Cancer and the future
4. Heart Failure-definition, causes, tests, and treatment - Part I

 Medical News Report 27 (April 2014)

1) The guide to the Future of Medicine—amazing technology
2) Shorter Medical issues
a) Testosterone therapy-be careful
b) More on breast cancer-reconstruction, BRCA gene mutations; surgical margins on lumpectomy
c) More thoughts on obstructive sleep apnea
d) Food addiction--signs
e) Silent stroke vs. TIA (transient ischemic attack)
f) New information on statins
g) Strokes in women
h) New recommendations for nutrition food labels
i) Lavender pills have clinical significanc
j) FDA approves an even stronger hydrocodone?
k) FDA advisory committee recommends the HPV virus test to replace the Pap Smear?? Not so fast!!
3) Back Surgery-options

Medical News Report 26 (March 2014)

 1) Type 2 Diabetes: Continuation of Complications, Ketoacidosis/Coma
2) Where Obesity Begins - Age 50
3) Low back pain and most common causes
4) Headaches: Understanding the causes; Migraines Part 1
5) Breast Cancer: Atypical ductal and lobular hyperplasia-becoming invasive carcinomas; chemoprevention guidelines; NCI risk factor model for breast cancer
6) Late breaking medical news

 Medical News Report 25(February 2014)


1) Sleep abnormalities - Narcolepsy
2) The top medical news of 2013
3) Hemorrhoids
4) Short medical subjects

Medical News Report 24 (January 2014)

1) Diabetes complications continued—Neuropathies (nerve dysfunction)
2) Obesity-part 1—what has happened to America?
3) Short medical subjects (Low T/ED treatment, statins, smoothies, welfare states, follow up on lipid management, etc.)
4)Breast cancer-part 3-the stages and recommendations for treatment
5) Sleep-insomnia and treatment options

 Medical News Report 23 (December 2013)

 1) Sleep Physiology Part II: Insomnia
2) The FDA, US Government, Medicare, and Big Pharma— the Mafia?
3) Diabetic Complications continued—Neuropathy-nerve dysfunction
4) Breast Cancer-part 2--Diagnosis
5) Brand New Guidelines to prevent cardiovascular events and stroke— Major Changes!! Controversy begins!
6) Short Medical Subjects including Low-T, Life’s Simple Seven, nutrition info, and many more
7) Low Back Pain/Lumbosacral disease—understanding what is happening

 Medical News Report 22 (November 2013) 

1) Diabetes Type II continued -- kidney complications
2) Genetic testing--where are we?
3) Breast cancer--predisposing factors
4) Short subjects from A to Z

 Medical News Report 21 (October 2013)

 1) Cardiac Arrest/CPR/AEDs
2) New information on angioplasty and stents in the face of a heart attack
3) Good news for Big Pharma, bad news for hospitals
4) Robotic surgery…is it better?
5) Sleep—why do we need it, and what happens if we don’t get enough—Part 1
6) Do you know “Molly”?
7) Cervical spine surgery—another edition of the spine series
8) October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH-part 1 of an extensive breast cancer series
9) Follow up on report about mesh implant repairs for pelvic prolapse

 Medical News Report 20 (September 2013)

1) Screening for lung cancer in high risk smokers; Air pollution and lung cancer; cigarette taxes, pot smokers
2) More on doctor’s training and how it will affect you  3) Governmental help for financial issues
4) Celiac disease and risk of lymphoma  5) More on complications of Type-2 diabetes—vascular-heart and stroke
6) “The irony of it all”    7) Ticks and Lyme Disease
8) Follow up on Adult Sleep Apnea-dental appliances   9) Surgery for incontinence and pelvic prolapse-a complicated issue
10) Spices from foreign countries contaminated with Salmonella

 Medical News Report 19 (August 2013)

1) Money and Medicine  2) Probiotics have come of age
3) Melanoma can recur even after 10 years; vaccines for melanoma 
4) Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children
5) Type 2 Diabetes- part 4- complications of the disease-part 1-- eye and skin
6) The Spine-part 3- cervical spine imaging and indications for surgery 
7) “Hamburger health”
8) Bladder issues-part 3-urinary incontinence 
9) Fish oil (Omega 3) and the risk of prostate cancer


 Sleep Apnea (August 2013)


Medical News Report 18 (July 2013)

 1) Drug comparisons of the statins 
2) The Supreme Court saves the day
3) The white population is diminishing faster than predicted 
4) High risk pregnancy in the young and older (>40)  
5) How to stay healthy 
6) Diagnosing and monitoring TYPE 2 Diabetes
7) The Cervical Spine-diagnosis-Part 2 on the Spine 
8) Organ Transplantation 
9) Hospital transparency with medical bills
10) Did Michael Douglas really get cancer from having sex 
11) Double check your doctor and pharmacist before
accepting a filled prescription
12) Obama trying to sell Obamacare

 Medical News Report 17 (June 2013)

1) More on Big Pharma and late breaking news on compounding pharmacies
2) Triclosan, the FDA, and our food 
3) Diabetes, obesity, gastric bypass and Gov. Chris Christy
4) Doctors today and yesterday 
5) Bladder Problems-- Part 2  
6) Spine Disorders--Part 1
7) Anjelina Jolie and the BRCA breast cancer gene mutation 


Medical News Report 16 (May 2013)

1) Skin Manifestations of Allergy
2) Diabetes Mellitus- TYPE 2-Part 2—signs, symptoms, and lab diagnosis
3) Big Pharma-Part 1—the straight scoop on drug companies
4) Oral cancer screening and the dentist
5) Long term use of meds for GERD—the concerns
6) Why are parents not getting their kids vaccinated?
7) Melanomas are not all BLACK
8) Hyperactive bladder-Part 1
9) Should prophylactic antibiotics be given for dental work if the patient has had a joint replacement?
10) Food stamps are going to illegal immigrants—why are they a health issue?


Medical News Report 15 (April 2013)

1) Estrogen and the Post-Menopausal Woman
2) Diabetes - Some Thoughts About Incidence
3) The Best Time to Take Your Pills
4) Coffee and Tea - Is It Medicine?
5) Certain Medications Combined Can Hurt Your Kidney Function
6) A New Hospital Acquired Infection Has A 50% Mortality Rate
7) Bullying and Being Bullied Causes Life-Long Problems  
8) Food Addiction
9) Healthcare Update - 55 Drugs Cost Medicare 85% of the Money Spent On Part B Drugs. Congress Wants to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies


 Medical News Report 14 (March 2013)

1) Gastrointestinal Disorders (Celiac disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Lactose intolerance, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome-IBS)
2) Allergies and Allergens Part 2-an Allergist’s view 
3) Head Injuries-Serious consequences Part 2
4) US Healthcare- why aren’t we #1--the future


 Medical News Report 13 (February 2013)

1) Asthma and COPD
2) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
3) Bipolar Disorder
4) Head Injury and It's Consequences (Update on Hilary Clinton's Injury)
5) Brief Information On Recent Medical Issues


 Cancer Advances 2012


 Medical News Report 12 (January 2013)

1) Upper and Lower Respiratory Disease - Part I
2) Fibromyalgia - Is It A Real Disease?
3) Surgical Treatment of Arthritis - Joint Replacement
4) Exiting Advances In Cancer Research (See Extra Link Below)
5) Concussion and Intracranial Transverse Venous Sinus Thrombosis - Hilary Clinton's Problem
6) Brief Information On Late Breaking Medical News


Questionable Medical Methods

Dateline NBC on Clinical Drug Trials

 Food Chart

 Medical News Report 11 (December 2012)

1) Fungal and Bacterial Meningitis, Compared To Viral Encephalitis
2) Part II On Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis - Medical Treatment; Gouty and Psoriatic Arthritis (next month surgical treatment of arthritis)
3) Pneumonia - Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
4) Brief Information On The Latest In Medical News and Advances In Medicine
5) Fungal Meningitis Update, Bacterial Meningitis Contrasted to Viral Encephalitis


 Medical News Report 10 (November 2012)

1) How your teeth & mouth play a role in diseases (cardiac to diabetes)
2) Antioxidants - Are Supplements As Good As The Foods That Contain Them?
3) Brief Info On Recent Advances In Medical Issues
4) Osteoarthritis Vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis Defined and Contrasted


 Medical News Report 9 (October 2012)

1) Cardiac Arrythmias
2) Multiple Scerlosis
3) Vitamin D (A Miracle Vitamin)
4) Brief Info On The Following:
 (a) Global Cancer Epidemic
(b) Shingles Virus (Zostavax)
(c) Antibiotic Prophylaxis Before Dental Work or Cleanings?
(d) Second Medical Opinions
(e) Lightning Injuuries
(f) The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen
(g) Food Borne Disease
(h) Probiotics - What Are They?


 Medical News Report 8  (September 2012)

1) GERD-Gastro-esophageal reflux, hiatal hernia and the connection to esophageal cancer
2) Hypertension-why is it so serious?
4) Depression-associated anxiety and treatment Click here for Depression rating scale
5) Added screening services for women
6) The Latest Medical News

Medical News Report 7 (August 2012)

1) Autoimmune Disease-Cont'd Lupus and Sjogren's Disease
2) Tumors of Brain-Benign and Malignant
3) The Signs/Symptoms of Acute Myocardial Infarction
4) Depression
5) The Pharmaceutical Industry
6) The Latest Medical News
7) CaringBridge.com


Medical News Report 6 (July 2012)

1) Hepatitis A, B, and C - Acute and Chronic
2) The Changing Scene of Cancer Screening
3) Snoring and Sleep Apnea - see attached
4) A Look at Medicaid and Obamacare; The Supreme Court's Decision
5) The Latest Medical News


Medical News Report 5 (for more on the stages of melanoma click here) (June 2012)

1) The Lipid Profile
2) Pain Management, Narcotic Abuse
3) Sunscreens/Skin Cancer
4) Differentiating Age-Related Memory Problems from Clinical Dementia
5) June is Gout Awareness Month, and other Late Breaking Medical News


Medical News Report 4 (May 2012)

1) Signs of Stroke-see attached
2) Is Sugar Toxic?
3) Obamacare & Medicare
4) Treating Cholesterol with Statins


Medical News Report 3 (April 2012)

1) HPV- Human Papilloma Virus and Vaccine
2) Who Spends the Medicare Dollar?
3) Screening Guidelines for Prostate Cancer
4) Hearing Loss/Devices
5) Preventative Health Issues


Medical News Report 2 (March 2012)

1) Cold Remedies
2) Tamiflu
3) Alert: Your Car Could Be Killing You
4) Obamacare


Medical News Report 1 (February 2012)

1) General Information
2)Public Policy and Healthcare Politics
3) New Drugs
4) In the News
5) Health and Wellness Issues


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