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It is with a saddened heart to announce that "Dr. Sam" LaMonte passed away on October 14th as a result of complications from surgery. As his wife, I saw the joy he got from his work on his monthly reports. He had an incredible thirst for knowledge and it gave Sam such joy to share his knowledge with others and help people in any way that he could. I truly believe he made a difference in so many lives and will be greatly missed.

Welcome to the monthly medical news report.  I am honored to report on the latest medical information from some of the best medical journals around the world. This report will provide you with cutting edge technology, new information about diseases  and research that will bring new ways in the future to  treat or prevent serious illness. I am following healthcare reform like most of you are. I hope I can make sense of it for you regardless of your political preference. I will also give you information on health and wellness issues. This report is meant to inform you and increase your desire to know more. It is important for you to discuss this information with your doctor if questions arise, since I am only reporting and not giving you medical advice.

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation to confuse you on TV, the internet, and certainly in infomercials. It is my desire, at no cost to you, to provide you with information from well known medical sources and institutions that you know and can trust. For a pdf version of these medical references please click here. I recommend these references to further your knowledge.

Some of the subjects that will be covered are healthcare reform, cancer, vascular disease, immunologic diseases, neurologic and aging problems, gastro-intestinal diseases, infections, health supplements, herbals, vitamins, prescription medications and many others.

Since  information on health supplements, herbals, vitamins, and other remedies in many cases, have little reliable reproducible research to prove its value, I hope to shed some light on the subject and if there is evidence that it may help, I will site what is known. The American public is spending billions of dollars consuming these products without knowing its safety, side effects, or interference with prescription medications.

Cure Magazine is a cancer survivor's magazine, filled with great information about cancer diagnosis, treatments, side effects, research, and thoughts from many cancer survivors. It is a great magazine understandable, accurate, informative, and filled with most of want to know whether you are a cancer survivor or not. Subscribe for free if you are a survivor, caregiver, or professional. You can get the actual magazine quarterly and the internet version as well by clicking here.

The Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund of Rabun County is dedicated to providing support to cancer patients who are residents of Rabun County, their caregivers and families. The helpline number is 706-746-3350. Click here for more information on the Sid Weber Cancer Fund. For more information on the American Cancer Society, click here. If you would like to register for the Sid Weber Cancer Fund's annual golf tournament at beautiful Sky Valley golf course, click here.

There is a link to the previous monthly reports and each month, the report will be added to this medical reports link. There is also a link to my blog for you to express your thoughts. I am unable to give personal advice or substitute for your personal physician. As a retired surgeon, I feel it is my responsibility to  share the information.

Here is to your good health and wellness.

Dr. Sam

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